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Tel: +44(0)1793 485 150  Mob:+44(0)7769 694 994 Hen And Stag me uk
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We are pleased that so many of the UK’s Hen Party Agencies rely on us - as have so many “PARTY POPPERS” around the UK.

Of course, not all our events are for weddings, sometimes they are for Birthdays, Office Parties, special Social Events! Week after week we receive “thank you” emails and Face Book “Likes” from “PARTY POPPERS” - delighted to have chosen us to deliver their Life Drawing event as the focus for their special day.


We’ve detailed a very small percentage of these kind comments to the right and would be more than happy to add your comments as well if you decide to book with us.

For now though, read on, or perhaps you’d rather spend a few moments looking through the moving album to the right that displays some of the hundreds of events that our “PARTY POPPERS” have enjoyed - from (London) Derry to Lowestoft!

Afterwards, if you would like to find out

more, please contact us to ask for your

Info pack - or a quotation for YOUR

Event by emailing us via this link.......


www.HenAndStag.me.uk -ensures

             “Party Poppers”!

In City Centre venues to Wild Countryside retreats, our talented teams deliver extremely entertaining events across the UK - North to South and East to West! Back to top Sea Side getaways, City Centre Party Paradise or Quiet Country retreat -  our talented teams deliver extremely entertaining events across the UK - North to South and East to West!

Don’ t just take our word for it - see the small  selection of comments from our

“Party Poppers” below or those on

NATALIE - Oct 2016: Bath.  Thank you so much for such a brilliant event. We had brilliant fun & will definitely be recommending you :) 

FLISS’ - Dec 2016: Birmingham. Thought so close to Christmas that this would be a let down - So wrong! We all day a fantastic time drawing from our model - and the tutor was so helpful funny and informative. So far from the sleazy, cringe worthy hour I’d been dreading. Cant thank you all enough   

TAMMY - Dec 2016: Newcastle. A flood of sunshine in the cold run up to the new year. Delightful time and very interested to hear that you also deliver these sessions for corporate clients - I’m sure my colleagues will go for it too!

SARA - Jan 2017: Bournemouth. We all had such a fab time drawing - thanks!!




Picture of the month for MARCH goes to CHLOE'S Group in Warwich - featuring one of our most popular models!

We’ve chosen our “Picture  of the Month” for Feb’ very early as we were so happy to be able to include this lovely little 4 month old (Far Left) in a delightful session in the Cotswold's for Sabrina’s special day with her friends.

Some of our Happy Hens are not backwards  in coming forwards!

Hear from our

“Party Poppers” below

Please, use the two buttons (below) to scroll through some of the kind comments we’ve received over the


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