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Life Drawing    Hen Party

David - The Symbol of our Life Drawing Hen parties
David - The Symbol of our Life Drawing Hen parties

A Nationwide service such as Life Drawing Hen Party delivering a vital element of the fun and festivities running up to a Bride’s “Special Day”, has a great deal of responsibility placed on it’s collective shoulders.

However, as Hens, Brides & other Ladies looking for a fun way of enjoying each other’s company have found, our years of experience and Nationwide Network of Models, Tutors and Venues, delivers the goods time after time!  

  • Is having this much fun in public Legal? June -Bath.
  • What an OUTSTANDING time - we all had a hoot!! & I have my pictures to prove it. Chris - Bristol
  • We set this up for Shirl’ as a Giggle - but we all had such a GREAT time! Sarah - Reading
  • With this much fun, it’s almost a pity we had to keep OUR clothes on! But we all enjoyed it SO MUCH! Thanks! Verity - Leeds
  • Wow, I didn’t realise that we were learning - it was SUCH good Fun. Thanks to you all! Sarah - Manchester
  • Thank you SO much for making us have such a great time. We were a group of girls from all over the UK who didnt know each other and this was a great way to bring us together.  Sue. Hertford
  • Thank you for these great photos! And for a wonderful experience.  We all had a great time; educational and fun doesn’t often happen together! Lizzie - Dartmouth
  • Just too much fun in one go, we all had a blast - THANKS!! Carol - Cardiff
  • Our Bride said it was her favourite part of the whole "Hen do"!! Sarah - Bath
  • Who knew that you could have this much fun & learn something too? Adi - Leeds
  • Had a fab time - all us Hens said what great fun it was, - fun with a bit of cheeky male nudity - all in good taste too. Cant wait for someone else to get married! Mary - Oxford
  • What can I say, A great giggle & a lot of FUN!! Dawn - Basingstoke
  • Hey, - when can we have another session, this is GREAT!. Rosie. Rochester.
  • Ive never seen anything like this before in Ireland - it was great, thank you so much, we all had a fantastic time. Sharon.
  • One of us has to get married soon so we can do this again! Hariet. Reading

As you will see, we are delivering life Drawing Hen Parties around the country - towns, cities and even villages around the country have hosted our successful events.

We can usually respond to your enquiry within 72 hours of receiving it - confirming the venue, model and tutor. All you have to do then is make sure that the hens are all corralled on the time and date you have specified.    

Indoors. Outdoors, our Hens have FUN - and the models - well they are just GR8!

These smiling faces say it all - our business is about ensuring that all our ladies leave our life drawing hen parties as “Happy Hens

David - The Symbol of our Life Drawing Hen parties

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